DIY Wine Bottle Labels


This is the first time I’ve ever done custom labels on a bottle. I thought it would be pretty quick and easy. Cut to: search engines on the web, driving to the store for Goo Gone, hot water immersions (which I am slightly concerned will spoil the wine, but I choose to not think about that!) scraping with a sharp knife….Image

But I am pretty pleased with the final product. I’m hosting a book club inspired by the book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” I thought that using the “wasp” label for wine would be fun and I think Pinhole Press did a great job with the labels. I would use them again in a heart beat.

Now I’m off to glitter a bunch of raindrops for a mock Seattle in my house.

Stay tuned for pictures from the event…

5 thoughts on “DIY Wine Bottle Labels

  1. Hi the end product looks great! Too much warm water will end up changing the taste of the wine so watch out. I also went through the whole removing labels things for various projects I’ve been working on lately. What worked for me was letting the label side sit in rubbing alcohol (making sure the product is sealed) for a few minutes then using homemade goo gone ( 1 part any oil, 2 part baking soda) and rubbing it into the label after it has soaked in the alcohol. If its an extra stubborn label finish it off with a metal scrubber. Depending on the thickness of the label and the quality of the glue it can get tricky. Hope that helps if you have another themed book club! Great Job =)

    • oh i really wish i’d read this a few hours ago! i hope that i didn’t use too much warm water b/c i would hate to ruin the wine. we’ll see on friday night šŸ™‚
      thanks so much for the feedback for future label projects!!

  2. i love these and the wasp’s! Perhaps their could be a variation for anyone who didn’t like the books featuring a gnat- clearly Bernadette wouldn’t like them either!

    • can i tell you- i remembered the detail incorrectly! i don’t know why i had wasp in my head, but i ended up re-doing the labels the night before the party! it looked almost the same, but with a gnat instead. crazy!!!

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