Book Club Inspired by Bernadette

“Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” is a perfect book to bring on your spring break trip to Hawaii. It’s funny, it’s current, and it’s impossible to put down.

I host a sporadic book club with the intention of gathering my reading friends to pick their brains about what to add to my Kindle queue. Of course the wine and non-book talk is fun too.

I was inspired by Bernadette to throw a themed book club- something I’ve never done. There were so many great details in the book that I couldn’t resist bringing them to life.

Some of my favorite were: pots of mud with signs and funny quotes from the book, custom gnat labeled wine, take-out containers for the food, and of course no Seattle setting would be complete without rain.


And last, but definitely not least… I hired a friend of mine to make an Antarctic dessert scape with edible ice flows (meringues) and penguins (chocolate truffles.) Not only was it about the cutest thing I have ever seen- the meringues were possibly the most delicious I have ever had and the penguins were divine.


4 thoughts on “Book Club Inspired by Bernadette

  1. Let me just say, you throw AMAZING parties! I LOVE this party idea and all your details that went into it! I’m not even an avid reader yet you make me want to start reading… and read that particular book… and throw bookclub parties too! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! Definitely inspired!

  2. Egan, you’ve always been my hero. You do have the best parties and the best ideas. You inspire me to be a better mom.
    Now, I wish I lived closer ( you know, the east side-west side thingy LOL ) so I could crash all your amazing parties. See you in April for our ” meet in the middle dinner “

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