Olympic Games 2013

I think there were a few moms giving me the stink-eye when they arrived at this party. Rest assured, fellow parents, this party took the better part of a month to plan, organize, and execute. It involved driving to multiple Targets looking for the right sizes of white t-shirts, carefully planning the movement of the teams around the activities only to throw the plan to the wind once it started and soccer took 5x as long as all the other sports, figuring out how to structure the awards so everyone got medals, but the individual winners also got acknowledged, building things, crafting galore, and of course watching the weather predictions for 10 days straight!

It was a little like child birth. Totally scary, super exciting, and slightly exhausting. My son is already asking for Olympics 2014, so hopefully in 11 months all that I will remember are these sweet moments.


Parade of Nations (complete with downloaded National Anthems of all the countries as well as the Olympic theme song.)


Events: Long Jump, Gymnastics (seat jumps/min), Basketball Around the World and Knock-out, Soccer Around the World


Good Sportsmanship and Team Spirit were acknowledged with trophies



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