Goodie Bags

I am a crazy person on the topic of the goodie bag. For the last 8 years I have waxed on and on about how ridiculous I think it is that people give elaborate “gifts” for coming to a child’s birthday party. Isn’t it enough that we are entertaining and feeding the guests for hours? Shouldn’t children learn to give and not always receive?

I found myself in the company of one on this issue and have spent years cringing when my children get goodies that are fancier than the gift they’ve brought. I’ve also felt bad about not giving some cute trinkets over the years, but I worked around that by incorporating a take-home element from the party, such as an apron from an art party or a straw cowboy hat from a carousel party.

Now if you saw my post about my son’s Olympics party, you are probably thinking I am a total hypocrite. I know, I know… I finally broke down and despite the fact that the children were already taking home t-shirts and medals, I actually provided a pack of golden gumballs as they were all leaving.

I guess I just couldn’t resist golden gumballs, but I still hold firm with my belief that kids don’t need more candy and stuff after a lovely celebration of their friends. In my humble opinion, spending time and energy creating something magical is enough.

Of course, sometimes it is fun to have a reminder of the day. Here are some ideas that feel thoughtful and reminiscent of the event.

ART PARTY {spray-painted frames with child’s artwork; photo credit Ramona Trent}


MONSTER PARTY {hand-made felt monster via}


GARDEN PARTY {DIY bird feeders via}


{succulents via}


SUMMER FUN PARTY {waxed paper wrapped chalk via}


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