Go Broncos!

Truth be told, I don’t really care that much about pro football or who wins the Super Bowl. I like to pretend that Tom Brady is my boyfriend a) because he is cute and b) because we have the same birthday. I also like to recall the spring breaks in high school that I spent in the vicinity of Peyton Manning, who I vaguely knew.

Oh and I love to watch the NFL bad lip reading bits on youtube. They are endlessly entertaining.

My fascination with the sport stops there, but what I love about the Super Bowl is the part about sitting around eating junk food. I don’t need it to be all football shaped and cutesy. Just gimme something greasy and cheesy with a cold beer and I will stare contentedly at the endless collisions and thank god I am on a couch and not in the freezing stadium watching it in person.


I love the table covering and those cute snacks in paper bags. {photo: punchbowl.com}


When was the last time you ate potato skins?! These look amazing. {credit: whatsgabycooking.com}


Upscale pigs in a blanket- yes, please! {credit: dreamsiclesisters.com}

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