Happy 8th Birthday!

I tucked my son in last night telling him the story of what I was doing at that time 8 years ago. Calling my mom to have her get on a plane, calling the doctor and hoping he would tell me it was time to go to the hospital, quietly cursing the lamaze instructor, etc.

Then he woke up to this…


A little visual reminder of all of his past birthdays.

And donuts in the shape of an 8.


And 8 balloons.



In planning my son’s upcoming birthday, I can’t help but think of the success of last year’s Angry Birds party. We had recently moved into a new house, so I kept a bunch of moving boxes to set up a “live action” Angry Birds set. I filled the green pig balloons with beans to keep them in place on the boxes so they kids could try to shoot them off with bean bags and sling shots.



The chaos started when the balloons got hit and exploded beans. This was a 7 year-old boy’s dream come true. I decided to go with the excitement and let them start destroying the boxes- pretty soon the kids were jumping on the boxes, popping balloons over each other’s heads for a waterfall of beans, and generally causing as much mayhem as humanly possible. They were ecstatic!


The beauty of it was the kids got to be kids. No one got hurt. Everyone had fun. And the clean up was nothing more than sweeping up some dried beans and recycling the broken down boxes. I think there is a real market for boy parties where they can make a huge mess without anyone yelling at them.