Tasty Cakes

I have a confession to make. I cannot bake a cake. {And I am not Dr. Suess}

I have outsourced every single birthday cake and cupcake ever presented to my children. Although, I once attempted to make gluten-free cupcakes for my son’s class and they turned into chocolate dust as soon as the kids took a bite. I was not thrilled to be cleaning that crumb explosion off the floor.

Learning how to bake a delicious (most important) and beautiful cake is on my 40 before 40 list. I have a few years, thankfully. This is my goal:


(from top left: bbcgoodfood.com; sweetapolita.com; sweetapolita.com; ohhappyday.com; mybakingaddiction.com; stylemepretty.com; dessertsforbreakfast.com)

But in the meantime, this is where I go for the most delicious offerings in Los Angeles.


(from top left: susie cakes; vanilla bake shop; hotcakes; babycakes (vegan and gluten-free); sweet lady janes; hansen’s (cupcake); huckleberry (my go-to for take out treats like donuts, caramel bars, cookies, croissants.)