Mint Juleps

Growing up in the South, I had a pretty big collection of silver julep cups by the time I graduated from high school. People give them as gifts all the time. No self-respecting southern girl actually drinks out of them- at least not when you’re young. I used mine for toothbrush holders in my dorm room, pencil holders on my desk and of course, they make great vases.

But this weekend it’s time to polish up your cups and use them as God intended!

For everyone watching the race this weekend, here is the quintessential Mint Julep recipe taken from How to Mix Drinks, published in 1936.

Southern Mint Julep
1 glass of Bourbon
4 sprigs fresh mint
1/2 tbsp. powdered sugar

In a julep cup, crush the mint leaves and sugar lightly together, add bourbon and fill glass with cracked ice; stir gently until cup is frosted. Decorate on top with 3 sprigs of mint.


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Julep cups from **A quick note from me: Do not use their engraving service- make the effort to take your cups to a proper hand engraver. The difference is worth it!

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