Mother Knows Best

In other words, take a little extra time to make your Mother’s Day special for the mother in your life.

Best doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune- it’s your personal best. If you’re making a homemade card, then spend the extra time to really make it great. If you’re making breakfast in bed, then don’t wake her up by crashing around in the kitchen and for heavens sake, clean up the dishes!

If you want to show your mother how much you care with a gift, then take the time to get her something that she really wants.

I remember a friend of mine telling me that on her first Mother’s Day her husband was in such a panic to make it great that he totally botched the whole thing. He rushed out at the eleventh hour for a gift and came back with a suffocatingly  hot, gigantic fluffy robe. Probably not most mom’s dream gift.

Here are some gifts that are unlikely to get returned…


1. Equipment PJ Set $388; 2. Floral Robe $154; 3. Vintage PJ Set $95; 4. Bottega Veneta Pouch $580; 5. Clare Vivier Clutch $180; 6. Canvas Tote $34; 7. Le Labo Candle $70; 8. Nest White Narcisse Candle $48; 9. Diptyique Mini Baies $28