Snow Cones

Did you have the Snoopy snow cone maker when you were a kid? I did. And I loved that thing, despite the fact that it probably caused my first case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Seriously, it is almost impossible to crank that gear and turn ice cubes into anything more than a spoonful of ice crumbs. But it is still kinda awesome in a way that cannot be explained.



These days there are equally adorable (non-hand crankingly operated) versions. This one from Crate and Barrel actually will shave enough ice to go into one of their cute, striped snow cone cups.



{both images above from Crate & Barrel}


Williams-Sonoma also has some great snow cone accessories like these striped cups and syrups, which are sure to be more appetizing than the bitter concoctions that came with the Snoopy set.

Lastly, if you are in New Orleans this summer and you need a break from the heat- and you will- this is the to-go spot for snow cones!!!


{Hansen’s Sno-Bliz}

School’s Out for Summer!

Well, not here in California- but almost.

I’m busy planning my son’s class end of year party with the other room parents. We have the good fortune of living close to the beach, so we figured what better place to let 52 graduating second graders run around and celebrate for a few hours?!

This is the inspiration board that I put together:Image

1. We’re getting the adult and kid sandwiches & salads from Clementine in West LA {}

2. I’m hitting up friends to make the lemonade and summer themed desserts

3. I’ll be making the DIY decorations {a big thank you to…¬†}

4. The icees will be from the delicious Di Dio’s Italian Ice in Santa Monica

The guest list is blowing up, so I hope that it’s a fun day for everyone!

{photo credits: pinterest, martha stewart, cannelle et vanille}