Book Club Inspired by Bernadette

“Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” is a perfect book to bring on your spring break trip to Hawaii. It’s funny, it’s current, and it’s impossible to put down.

I host a sporadic book club with the intention of gathering my reading friends to pick their brains about what to add to my Kindle queue. Of course the wine and non-book talk is fun too.

I was inspired by Bernadette to throw a themed book club- something I’ve never done. There were so many great details in the book that I couldn’t resist bringing them to life.

Some of my favorite were: pots of mud with signs and funny quotes from the book, custom gnat labeled wine, take-out containers for the food, and of course no Seattle setting would be complete without rain.


And last, but definitely not least… I hired a friend of mine to make an Antarctic dessert scape with edible ice flows (meringues) and penguins (chocolate truffles.) Not only was it about the cutest thing I have ever seen- the meringues were possibly the most delicious I have ever had and the penguins were divine.


DIY Wine Bottle Labels


This is the first time I’ve ever done custom labels on a bottle. I thought it would be pretty quick and easy. Cut to: search engines on the web, driving to the store for Goo Gone, hot water immersions (which I am slightly concerned will spoil the wine, but I choose to not think about that!) scraping with a sharp knife….Image

But I am pretty pleased with the final product. I’m hosting a book club inspired by the book “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” I thought that using the “wasp” label for wine would be fun and I think Pinhole Press did a great job with the labels. I would use them again in a heart beat.

Now I’m off to glitter a bunch of raindrops for a mock Seattle in my house.

Stay tuned for pictures from the event…